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Health and wellness resources

Below are links to helpful information for parents and caregivers interested in such topics as social environment, economic circumstances, health care, physical environment and safety, behavior, education and health.

  • NJ Family Care
    A federal and state-funded health insurance program created to help New Jersey's uninsured children and certain low-income parents and guardians to have affordable health coverage. It is not a welfare program. NJ FamilyCare is for families who do not have available or affordable employer insurance, and cannot afford to pay the high cost of private health insurance.
  • New Jersey Health Link
    A comprehensive health care consumer information website serving seniors, families, children and health care professionals.
    This forum fosters coordination, collaboration and integration of federal efforts to collect and report data on conditions and trends for children and families.
  • CDC Adolescent and School Health
    The Center for Disease Control's (CDC) Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) promotes the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents to enable them to become healthy and productive adults.
  • Let's Move!
    Let's Move! is a comprehensive initiative launched by the First Lady, dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation.
  • Mental Health Services
    A one-stop resource for all parents - from those who simply have questions about common children's mental health problems such as ADHD, self-esteem or depression, to those who are looking for advocacy organizations and support groups to help with difficult issues concerning their child's diagnosis. The guide is written for parents, but other caregivers, family members, community organizations, schools, and health care providers can also use the information in this guide.
  • Healthy NJ
    Information for healthy living on various topics such as nutrition, emotions, family life, safety, school, and much more.
  • Kid's Health
    A fun website for parents, kids and teens to get information on health.


Suicide prevention


Sustance Use

Oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder

Bullying prevention and intervention